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Financial Planning & Analytics

What is financial planning and analytics?

Financial planning and analytics (FP&A) takes data generated from your company’s current and past operations and processes it into information that can help shape future plans. Important business decisions and long-range planning can be successful only if they’re based on a realistic view of your company’s financial position.

  • Evaluating the performance of your investments, your operations, or even your employees starts with a detailed financial record.
  • Employees’ concerns, and your own “what if?” questions, can be satisfied with reports derived from careful analytics.
  • Forecasts and projects based on analytic data make it easier to recognize a good deal – or a bad deal – when you see one.
  • A mathematical model built from your company’s financial data makes it easier to predict your company’s ability to handle changes in the market.

FP&A can help you find inefficiencies within your operations, improve revenue and decrease loss, and recognize opportunities in the marketplace to get an edge on your competitors. GraphX has the human and technological resources to both provide you with useful information, and help you use that information to develop a plan that will take your business where it needs to go.

Why should I trust my financial planning and analytics to GraphX?

It requires more than just the numbers in front of you. FP&A starts with the data collected in your balance sheets and ledgers, but it then goes much deeper to determine what they all mean in context and what that means for your business. GraphX uses high-end technology and best-practice procedures to search for gaps and detect trends, and it’s all brought together by one of the most valuable resources of all: our team of expert analysts who call on industry knowledge and years of experience to see what that information says about your business, and how you can use it to plan for future growth and success.

We already have the numbers in front of us. Our comprehensive, end-to-end system maintains all of your transactional and operational data, statements, reports, and plans in one secure and integrated location. Whereas you could spend hours just gathering the information needed to start the analysis process, we’ve had it at hand since the moment it was imaged and entered. And on top of that, we have access to up-to-the-minute news and financial market analytics that can affect your business. You get to focus on your business instead of devoting precious time to digging through paperwork or market reports.

It also helps to get a bird’s-eye view. Looking at your operations from within your company gives you a good idea about how things work and where weaknesses may be in your business structure. To see all of the functions and activities in context, however, calls for a little bit of distance. As a team familiar with your business but outside of it, we’re able to provide insight and objective recommendations based on the entire economic environment and your place in it.

We have you from your top line to your bottom line. Our suite of services provides insights into – and from – areas such as cost management, profitability, product value, inventory, appraisals, and cash flow. That way, we can look at minutely specific income and expenses for a given aspect of your business, analyze them, find their place within an ideal rendering of your business operations, and then adjust and optimize them as needed throughout the financial planning process.

Financial Statement Analysis

Advanced modeling tools look at the entirety of your financial data to pick out patterns and trends. Financial data analytics from GraphX’s experts places those patterns and trends in the context of today’s financial environment and expected developments in the future to evaluate your position and potential.

  • Budgetary analysis
  • Income statement analysis
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Cash flow analysis

Budgetary analysis. 

Your resource allocations and future plans as reflected in your budget in a way that tells as much about your company’s priorities, pragmatism, and risk aversion as it does about your finances. Seeing where your resources are and how they’re being used can answer questions, and raise others, about the structure, stability, and momentum of your organization.

Income statement analysis.

 Your income statement is also sometimes called a profit and loss statement – it shows all of your revenues and expenses over a period of time. Your profitability influences your company’s stability, and analysis of your income statement contributes to predictions of viability within your particular market and the greater economy as a whole.

Balance sheet analysis. 

Your balance sheet reflects your assets, liabilities, and equity and any given moment in time. But it also looks at factors like liquidity and leverage to determine what those assets and liabilities really mean, and what resources you actually have available to you for your business operations. We ensure that your balance sheet remains accurate and updated with daily recording of transactions so that every analysis is up-to-date, with the freshest, most accurate, most useful information.

Cash flow analysis. 

Cash flow analysis details not just how much you have in the way of liquid assets but also when you’ll have it, for how long, and when you’ll get more. Plans for future business operations have to take that analysis into account so that growth can be built around cash availability and cash flow can be adjusted to fit new plans.

Planning and Budgeting

We don’t have the power to see into the future, but we do have the power to use past trends and the current financial climate to make reliable predictions about revenue changes, threats and opportunities, and future marketplace developments. The financial planning and analysis services offered by GraphX help you understand the financial standing of your company and the potential impact of business decisions, so you can guide and execute your operational strategies.

  • Predictive analysis
  • Customized MIS reports
  • Forecasting

Predictive analysis. 

Properly analyzed, data from your company’s past operations creates a mathematical model that can be used as a foundation for realistic projections. That helps us predict what challenges and opportunities your business is likely to encounter on its current course, and how it would respond to any number of course corrections over time, to offer financial planning advice that stays relevant and useful through any changes or transitions.

Customized MIS reports.

 Our customized reports can reflect volumes about the health of your business. Whether you’re looking for a breakdown of your company’s expenses by product category, an overview of your bank and credit account reconciliations, a detailed cash flow analysis, or a look at your entire staff in terms of productivity and loss, we can generate it on demand and make it available digitally, stored on our secure servers, for your future planning needs or just for you to read and take comfort in your company’s stability.


This is the thing that GraphX does that’s the closest to actually seeing the future: our forecasting capabilities. By starting with your mathematical model and factoring in influences from the current economic environment, we can give you an idea of what the results will be for each course of action or business path you might take. The decisions you make could be based not on hopes for the future and optimistic plans but on math, volumes of information, high-end technology, and a team of expert analysts drawing a picture of that future for you.

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