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Cloud Bookkeeping


What is GraphX Cloud Partners bookkeeping?

The future of bookkeeping is in the cloud—fast, accessible, scalable, and on demand. Some people find that a consumer-level accounting app is enough to take care of their bookkeeping needs. But a lot of small businesses are looking for something more, both in terms of bookkeeping capabilities and in security for their critical financial data.

  • Bookkeeping tasks are important, but they aren’t usually profit drivers for business owners or for CPAs.
  • Expanding CPA service offerings makes you more competitive in your market—but can also involve expanding staff and overhead.
  • Bookkeeping software is pretty easy to come by—the technology to do it safely and securely in a cloud environment is less so.
  • Even the most robust bookkeeping software needs the benefit of professional experience for precise, nuanced reporting and analysis.

Outsourced bookkeeping provides support to small businesses and adds strength to CPAs without the bulk of a whole new department. GraphX Cloud Partners isn’t just a smart solution for full-service bookkeeping anytime, anywhere—it’s a partnership with other accounting professionals, extending to them the benefits of our cloud bookkeeping technology and expertise.

Why should I trust my bookkeeping services to GraphX Cloud Partners?

It’s safe and secure. Contrary to popular misconception, bookkeeping in the cloud is actually more secure than a lot of other methods. Any time a client is carrying around statements and paperwork, they’re putting them out in the open—which exposes them to a degree of risk. But most, if not all, of the data we’ll need to manage a client’s bookkeeping is already in the cloud—point-of-sale data, banking information, vendor payable, and emails, accessible online but password-protected. Secure access to financial information, and communication through our secure messaging platform and client dashboard, means that client data never has to see the outside world.

We’re safe and secure, too. Our staff and facilities follow the highest standards for physical and data security. Our employees operate under NDAs and strict access restrictions and are subject to regular internal audits. Our facilities are covered by round-the-clock security and surveillance. Our paperless data systems are governed by VPNs, firewalls, and secure, shared cloud storage space, making it easy for the right people to access crucial data—while the wrong people are securely locked out.

We’re committed to our silent partners. Our business is built around your business—your work hours, customer base, communication preference, operational needs, even your office culture. You’ll be working with one attentive, responsive account manager, who leads a team of expert accountants and bookkeepers delivering work that is up to your—and our—high standard for quality. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly into your operations, increasing your service offerings without increasing your overhead.

Data Entry

GraphX’s data processing services provide you with up-to-date books and financial information, available accessibly and securely through our client portal.

  • Imaging
  • Importing
  • Data entry
  • Document management


Some vendors and financial services are reluctant to make information available online. When paper documents are the only available data source, our high-end, high-efficiency scanner and OCR data processing digitize financial data for indexing, entry, and analysis.


We use secure, remote logins to access cloud-based financial data and import it into our system to update books, generate reports, reconcile accounts, and provide analysis. Documents provided by email are downloaded to the system.

Data entry.

 Any data not imported automatically is entered by hand. Once all necessary books, ledgers, and spreadsheets are fully up to date, they’re all checked by our team to make sure no errors have occurred, adding a human touch to a digital process that guarantees accuracy in the financial information you, and we, rely on.

Document management.

All imaged documents, imported financial data, updated books and ledgers, and reports are indexed and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on our centralized cloud server. You can access your information from wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Audits, Review, and Monitoring

Sometimes, an outside view is the best view for detecting inefficiency, inaccuracy, and even fraud. With our cloud bookkeeping and analysis capabilities, our team is able to see the big financial picture to check for systemic malfunctions and patterns, and to dig down to the individual transaction level to find and resolve small errors that could cause big problems.

  • Sales audit
  • Cash/credit deposit validation
  • Bill payment validation

Sales audit. 

Every retailer wants to employ skillful, honest staff, but from time to time a staff member might be tempted to lower prices or inflate sales figures to make a commission or bonus. Looking at sales figures and invoices, we make sure that prices meet established standards and any deviations have been approved beforehand.

Cash/credit card deposit validation. 

The lag time before a cash deposit or credit card transaction appears in your bank account can feel interminable—it’s a lot of time to wonder if revenue is being lost to carelessness or fraud. Our validators track deposits to make sure that every dollar ends up where it’s supposed to be.

Bill payment validation.

 A business’s reputation and relationship with its vendors rely on bills paid promptly and completely. Our remote account access lets us validate all parties involved in the bill payment process—vendors, banks, and third-party payment systems—to make sure deposits are reaching the account, withdrawals are accurate, and payments are made on time.


When daily financial records don’t match up with bank statements, major problems could be in the making. GraphX’s expert team examines and compares your financial details to catch and resolve any issues before they cause real trouble.

  • Full and partial reconciliation
  • Check sequencing
  • Credit card reconciliation

Full and partial reconciliation. 

When GraphX offers full reconciliation, that means everything—matching every debit, credit, bill, and invoice to your cloud-accessible bank statement. Our analysts have the expertise and resources to identify and investigate missing payments and suspicious transactions, and to take action as needed. On request, we also provide customized reconciliation of the accounts and statements of the client’s choice, according to their instructions and rules.

Check sequencing. 

We catch filing errors or missed payments—or fraud—by hunting down any out-of-sequence checks and investigating the cause of, and solutions to, the discrepancy.

Credit card reconciliation. 

Credit card reconciliation requires close attention, precision, industry knowledge, and a lot of time and patience. Our team matches inbound and outbound credit card transactions with credit card and bank statements to avoid overdrafts and damaged credit.


There’s one thing that no commercial bookkeeping product can offer: the expertise and experience of GraphX’s cloud bookkeeping team for analyzing financial information for improvement, growth, and future planning.

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Income statement analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Custom reporting

Balance sheet analysis.

 A balance sheet shows more than just assets, liabilities, and equity—it looks at factors like liquidity and leverage to show what assets are really available. Our regular balance sheet updates ensure that a business’s data is always accurate and that analysis always makes use of the most pertinent financial data.

Income statement analysis. 

A business’s profit and loss statement tells a lot about profitability, stability, and viability within a market. Accurate analytics help to predict future challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of.

Cash flow analysis.

 Good business strategy and operations depend on a detailed picture of liquid assets—not just what’s on hand, but also when it will be flowing out and when more will be coming in. Stability and future planning grow out of solid cash flow analytics.

Custom reporting.

Businesses rely on more than accurate, up-to-date books—they need actionable, curated financial information. GraphX generates custom reports—reconciliation reports, employee reports, breakdown of expenses, and others—that provide an overview of operations and help business owners make crucial decisions.

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