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What is bookkeeping?

People frequently use the terms “bookkeeping” and “accounting” interchangeably, but bookkeeping is actually a function of accounting. Essentially, it’s the recording of financial transactions – purchases, sales, receipts, payments, and the other exchanges that are the backbone of business. Moving your company forward starts with knowing where you are, and where you are is right there in your books and balance sheets.

  • Symptoms of error, inefficiency, and even mismanagement can show up as inconsistencies on a balance sheet.
  • Potential investors will want to see quantitative evidence of your success and potential before committing their resources to your business.
  • Decisions from staffing choices and client prospects to business partnerships are influenced by factors like income and expenses.
  • Maintaining a set of organized books – or having us do it for you – is ultimately easier and more efficient than maintaining endless files of invoices, statements, and receipts.

Think of the bookkeeping process as a regular physical for the health of your business. Proper maintenance and monitoring of your books can catch inconsistencies early, head off potential problems, and make you feel more confident about your company’s strength and stability. GraphX’s bookkeeping services put that maintenance in good hands.

Why should I trust my bookkeeping to GraphX?

We know what books should look like. Our automated systems are designed to identify inconsistencies and inaccuracies, but they’re not the only experts on your team. Our accountants and analysts have decades of experience assessing the records of companies in nearly every industry. They can tell when what appears to be a minor error is actually a sign of a major malfunction elsewhere within your financial processes – and they have the expertise to identify and help resolve that malfunction.

Your financial data should be at your fingertips. When a question arises about a transaction, you need the answer right then – not right after you’re done digging through stacks of receipts and invoices. Our ongoing bookkeeping services keep your records up-to-date, and our customized reports put the most pertinent information right where you need it, when you need it. And all of that information is stored safely, protected by state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices for data security.

Growing businesses need expert help. Even bookkeeping for small business is a worthwhile investment – business growth relies on a strong financial foundation. But the more your company grows, the more transactions you’ll take on, and the more you’ll need experienced professionals to keep track of your increasingly complex accounting needs. Start now to establish a professional relationship that will support and grow with your company’s needs.

Your financials are what we do. When the subject of accounting comes up at the end of a financial period, many companies are thrown into a panic – it’s a major and significant process that’s arisen on top of all of their other business responsibilities. GraphX relieves you of the need to multitask or to tackle an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, sometimes nerve-wracking chore. Our experienced professionals and best-practice procedures for business bookkeeping are backed by a comprehensive system that manages and transfers your financial data with maximized accuracy and efficiency.

Transaction Management

Organizing and entering transactions is one of the most basic tasks of double-entry bookkeeping, but it’s also one of the most important. Throughout our end-to-end financial management process, we image and process your transaction data to make every analysis efficient, accurate, and accessible.

  • Sales and collection transactions
  • Bills and payments
  • Petty cash transactions
  • Loans and lines of credit

Sales and collection transactions. 

Accurate records of sales, purchase orders, invoices, and payments from your customers and clients let you know the status of your assets so you can put them to effective use.

Bills and payments. 

Tracking your payments and obligations isn’t just good for your business’s financials – it’s also good for your relationships with the vendors and suppliers on whom you rely.

Petty cash transactions. 

“Petty cash” may be a misleading term, because improperly managed, petty cash can be a significant source of loss. Logging withdrawals, receipts, and cash deposits makes sure that lock box doesn’t get unexpectedly lighter over time.

Loans and lines of credit.

 How close are you to paying off your loan? How close are you to the end of your line of credit? Careful record keeping of payments and expenses in the context of compound interest is beneficial for your bank account and your credit rating.

Account Reconciliation

Your daily records provide a picture of the financial status of your business. Your bank statements provide another picture. If those pictures don’t match perfectly, the discrepancies have the potential to cause you major problems in the future. We compare the minutest details of your bank statements, bookkeeping ledger, expenses, receipts, and reports to find and resolve those problems while they’re still minor.

  • Full reconciliation
  • Partial reconciliation
  • Check sequencing
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Year-end and end-of-period adjustments

Full reconciliation.

 Full reconciliation services look for consistency among all of your financial accounts and accountings. We process your data and match every debit, credit, bill, and invoice to your bank statements to avoid surprises, whether they come in the form of a missing payment or a suspicious or unauthorized transaction. And when surprises do arise, the analysts at GraphX have the expertise and resources to investigate the problem and take corrective action as necessary.

Partial reconciliation. 

When full account reconciliation isn’t required, we provide customized services based on your requirements, sorting transactions according to your instructions and making sure the numbers line up.

Check sequencing.

 A missing or out-of-sequence check could be a sign of a filing error or a forgotten transaction. It could also be a sign of fraud. Our analysts detect discrepancies and help find out where the error lies so it can be resolved.

Credit card reconciliation. 

Credit card reconciliation is one of the most sensitive, complex, and time-intensive aspects of the bookkeeping process, and oversights can easily lead to overdrafts and damaged credit. We match inbound and outbound credit card transactions with credit card statements and bank statements with precision and accuracy.

Year-end and end-of-period adjustments. 

Deferrals, accruals, and asset value adjustments can affect your company’s financial position over the course of an accounting period. We look at everything from merchandise inventory to write-off debts to make sure that your financial statements aren’t just accurate, but that they’re also an accurate reflection of the status of your business.

Custom Reporting

GraphX’s bookkeeping services are about more than keeping records. The reports that we produce give you the curated information that will help you make crucial decisions about your business.

  • Reconciliation reports
  • Customer reports
  • Employee reports
  • Breakdown of expenses

Reconciliation reports. 

Once all statements, receipts, and records have been sorted and reviewed, we provide a full overview of your accounts so that you can feel comfortable about the strength of your business.

Customer reports. Looking critically at your transactions and interactions can help identify the most and least profitable customers, so you can tailor your business strategy for maximum revenue.

Employee reports. An assessment of the expenses and revenue associated with a given employee can help guide promotions, bonuses, and management structures – and guide counseling and training for employees who are failing to hold up their end.

Breakdown of expenses. Look at your expenses broken out by product line, office, or other category of your choice to see where your money is going. That data can help you determine whether it’s an efficient use of your resources and make the best choices for resource allocation.

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