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Accounts Receivable

What is accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable isn’t money in the bank – it’s money that will be in the bank when your customers or clients pay you for goods or services rendered. This appears as an asset on your balance sheet, although the money isn’t available to spend until the payments clear. As you might imagine, accounts receivable management is an aspect of your business to be handled accurately and in great detail.

  • The growth of your business requires accurate accounting and reporting of all assets.
  • Customer and client relations are friendlier without concerns about unpaid invoices standing between you.
  • Gaps in your ledger can be a warning sign of inconsistencies in your records and processes.
  • Revenue forecasting is only possible when you know what you have now and what you can expect to collect in the near future.

It’s not just important to maintain an accurate picture of your assets – it’s also important to do so without incurring unnecessary expenses through inefficient, bulky accounting procedures. GraphX keeps it lean and saves you money with processes based on accounts receivable best practices and a team of expert analysts guiding it from beginning to end.

Why should I trust my accounts receivable to GraphX?

Every minute spent collecting money could be spent making money. In a way, accounts receivable represents money you’ve already made. We manage the process and paperwork necessary to collect that money and put it where you can use it – all while you’re spending your time making more of it.

We give you room to grow. When a business is small, the volume of transactions may be small. As the transactions increase, the business is able to grow, leading to a greater volume of transactions, leading then to greater requirements for monitoring and tracking accounts. Our team grows with yours – as more resources are required to take care of your AR needs, we provide those resources, and your core business functions remain stable.

We know your business. Our dedicated, end-to-end system coordinates your accounts receivable data, client and vendor records, mission-critical documents, and other crucial information. Time isn’t wasted entering data multiple times or correcting typos, and sensitive information isn’t exposed while moving from one disconnected system to another. We understand that accounting processes are more reliable when data is secure and data transfer is seamless.

You can’t afford not to. The rapid aging of accounts receivable is expensive for businesses. The longer a bill goes unpaid, the less likely it is to get paid in full – companies can lose significant amounts of money from delinquent accounts that they don’t have the resources to track down. We have the time, team, and technology to turn those past-due bills into liquid assets to grow your business.

Document Creation and Management

Paperwork is best when it involves as little paper as possible. GraphX supplements the standard paper orders and invoices with the highest-tech digital solutions for convenience and ultimate efficiency.

  • Imaging
  • Sales order processing
  • Invoice processing and transmission


What comes in as paper purchase orders and account statements via mail or fax has to be turned into usable data before the accounts receivable process begins. Scanning and batching cuts down on paper records, reduces the chance of lost documents and transcription errors, and makes important information available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Order processing. 

Incoming sales orders and purchase orders lead to revenue. Efficient processing of orders leads to faster order fulfillment and less expense devoted to back-office functions. GraphX helps you make the most of your payable assets by satisfying orders quickly, accurately, and with minimal unnecessary expense.

Invoice processing and transmission.

 Invoices are a critical document because they’re the connection between the goods or services you provided and your customers’ financial obligation to you – and the slightest error can cost your company thousands of dollars. GraphX scans your invoices, classifies them according to categories defined by you, and matches them with documents such as sales orders and purchase orders to make sure the data is consistent. Depending on your company policy, we either approve the invoice ourselves or escalate them to a designated party within your organization for approval.


Central to the accounts receivable process are the procedures associated with collecting payment. For some customers, this is just a matter of processing a check or a credit card payment. Other customers require more attention. GraphX is equipped to handle both kinds, keeping the collection process as simple and efficient as possible while sacrificing as little money as possible to debt write-offs.

  • Customer billing
  • Collections of accounts receivable
  • Payment processing
  • Cash application

Customer billing. 

Accurate bills and invoices, presented in a timely manner, aren’t just important for the health of your business – they’re also valuable to your customers, who are able to satisfy their payment obligations and manage their own accounts with information from you. Our accounts receivable solutions include traditional paper bills and electronic bill presentment to tailor the billing process to the unique needs of your business and your customers.

Collection of accounts receivable. 

Effective, thorough processing of accounts receivable is a time-consuming task that benefits from a dedicated team monitoring, tracking, and ultimately collecting that AR from customers and clients. We have the resources to monitor a large volume of accounts, and to identify those accounts that remain unpaid. Our skilled analysts have experience with many different types of businesses and are equipped with the technology, processes, and solutions to collect your receivables in a timely manner.


Payment processing. 

When payments arrive, processing is the last step in turning an asset on your balance sheet into usable capital for your business. We’re capable of managing cash, check, and credit card payments, helping you improve your cash flow while giving your customers a variety of payment options. And every cent is safe and secure – all financial details are handled in a secure facility by a staff of specialists trained and experienced with sensitive financial information.

Cash application.

 Cash application is the single most important step in managing customer payments. Early detection, accurate information, effective coding, dynamic dissemination to the appropriate owner, and continuous tracking are the keys to increased recovery rates and decreased resolution time. We perform and apply daily cash receipts, review bank archive files for completeness, and communicate with internal and external sources to gather any information necessary to complete the process – all to make processing cash quicker and easier, improving cash flow and the way your business runs.

Reporting and Analysis

The final step in the accounts receivable process isn’t depositing the last check – it’s preparing a comprehensive overview of data and transactions for the purposes of analysis, revenue projection, and other functions essential to business growth.

  • Custom reporting
  • Cash management
  • Bad debt analysis

Custom reporting.

To assess the health of your business, you need access to accurate reports regarding cash flow. Our reports are customized according to your requirements and delivered to you on demand. Count on our analysts, or processes, and our world-class technology to provide you with tailored reports and up-to-the-minute data.

Cash management. 

Cash management isn’t a service; it’s a process – and an important one. Done well, it can help your business stay stable, solvent, and prepared to meet unexpected expenses without relying on credit. Rely on GraphX to do it well. Our comprehensive system works to tighten the schedule of accounts receivable and increase collection rates to increase cash on hand.

Bad debt analysis. 

Bad debt – money owed to your company that, in the end, just can’t be collected in full and has to be written off – is an unfortunate fact of business life from time to time. Analysis of why and how the debt went bad can help avoid such problems in the future and identify new customers who are likely to result in bad debt.

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